Colts cheerleader shocked after team tricks her and sends her to Pro Bowl

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The Indianapolis Colts found a fantastic way to tell one of their cheerleaders she was going to the Pro Bowl. The team surprised the cheerleader on the field, telling her she was going to help honor a season-ticket holder.

The cheerleader — Vanessa — quickly learned that wasn't the case. The announcer introduced the bit, and revealed the person who Vanessa believed was a season-ticket holder was actually a paid actor.

The announcer then told Vanessa to watch the video board. Vanessa got emotional when her mother popped up on the screen with a special message.

After an emotional message, Vanessa learned she was the cheerleader the Colts were sending to the Pro Bowl. Vanessa received a sash mentioning the honor as the rest of the team's cheerleaders joined the celebration.

One cheerleader from each team gets selected to attend the Pro Bowl every season. The game, which is held in Hawaii, will take place Feb. 6.

Colts cheerleaders during a game against the Buccaneers.
One Colts cheerleader was shocked when she learned she was going to the Pro Bowl. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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