How to colour block your outfits with style this summer

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Colour-blocking is a retro trend that fashion is currently loving, and so are we. Bright, bold, beautiful – here are the best colour-blocking fashion items to add to your wardrobe.

Colour-blocking, one of the summer’s zestiest and juiciest trends, is all the rage this season. Contrasting colours are a chic way to catch the eye, whether done subtly or boldly. These elegant yet classic essentials will get you through the warm weather in style. Here’s all you need to know about this trend

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Colour-blocking: All you need to know about the summer trend

Colour-blocking: The basics

Colour-blocking is described as combining two to three (if not more) bold and often contradictory colours together in one ensemble to create an exciting statement piece. Colour-blocking has cemented its place in today’s fashion landscape, serving as a platform for designers to test the limits of traditional-style norms.

Colour-blocking: Runway looks

If you’re terrified of wearing colour, going head-to-toe in the same hue really makes it easier.

Two colours that look stunning together in an unexpected way? Red and pink. PatBO embraced the two-toned trend for Spring ’22 with this beautiful cutout design.

Image: Courtesy Randy Brooke/Getty Images
Image: Courtesy Randy Brooke/Getty Images

Some designers, like Prabal Gurung, used style to highlight the colour-blocking trend. Combining two bright colours, such as a teal shirt with an orange suit, is a simple approach to experiment on your own.

Image: Courtesy Randy Brooke/Getty Images
Image: Courtesy Randy Brooke/Getty Images

Make sure the colours you’re blocking are all from the same camp: neons with neons, pastels with pastels. When it comes to colour pairings, there are a few other winning combinations that work flawlessly every time.

Pink and red, green and orange, purple and green, and orange and blue are all tried-and-true combinations. Consider monochromatic colour-blocking for individuals who seek a quick and easy introduction.

Colour-blocking: The tips and tricks

Step 1: Start simple

Kick things off by combining just two colours, like pairing a pink blazer with an orange tube top.

Step 2: Make slight changes

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We usually aim to balance out a vibrant ensemble with some neutral pieces, such as a black blazer or white sneakers. If you truly want to nail the colour-blocking trend, go all out with pink, green, blue, or other vibrant colours.

Step 3: Create a scheme

Repetition is one technique to bring this mismatched ensemble together. If you’re mixing three colours, choose one or two of those same colours when picking out accessories or others to go with your look.

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