Colorful characters flock to Comic-Con

STORY: The actor and producer seemed to hover above the stage as he arrived dressed as Black Adam, the superhero he's playing in the upcoming movie of the same name.

Speaking to Reuters backstage after getting changed into his civilian clothes, Johnson said "You get one shot to come to Comic-Con and hopefully you move the crowd and do good and so in that effort and ambition, I didn't want to show up just as myself. I said 'No, get the costume ready because I'm going to put that costume on' even though it takes 25 minutes to put it on and longer to take it off sometimes so the best part about today was the reactions, the audience's reaction and they went crazy."

The Saturday of San Diego Comic-Con is traditionally the day where fans traditionally step out in their best costumes as homage to their fandoms.

Brian Baity, 41, from Chicago told Reuters in character as He-Man's Skeletor, "It's the constant rush of people coming up to me and wanting pictures, wanting all of the pictures and I get to be in character. That's even more amazing."

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