Colorado Republican Party calls on parents to pull kids from public schools

The Colorado Republican Party called on parents Tuesday to pull their children out of public schools in the state, citing “LGBTQ indoctrination.”

“Our next policy aims to save Colorado children from progressive Democrats who want to turn more kids trans by requiring teachers to use ‘pronouns’ that do not make any sense and cause gender confusion,” according to a fundraising email sent by the state GOP.

In the email, the party takes issue with a new law recently signed by Democratic Gov. Jared Polis that requires teachers to use the preferred pronouns of a student without notification or permission from a guardian.

“In reality, all Colorado parents should be aiming to remove their kids from public education,” the email reads.

“The bill, sponsored by four far-left progressives, two of whom do not know their own genders and do not have children, requires teachers in public schools to use ‘pronouns’ for kids with gender confusion that do not align with their actual scientific gender, without parental consent.”

The school choice movement has gained traction the past few years with dozens of states passing laws making it easier for parents to homeschool their children or send them to private institutions.

The party encourages those who believe their rights are being violated to look at religious exemptions and highlighted a case in California where a teacher won a lawsuit against a policy that required her to use students’ preferred pronouns.

“The goal here is clear; the Colorado legislature seeks to break down the family unit while convincing kids that government knows best,” the party said in the email.

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