Colorado governor signs sweeping AI regulation bill

Colorado will require developers of artificial intelligence (AI) to avoid discrimination in high-risk systems as part of a bill signed into law Friday by Gov. Jared Polis (D).

The first-in-the-nation law adds requirements for developers of “high-risk” AI systems to “use reasonable care to avoid algorithmic discrimination.”

It will also require developers to disclose information about the systems to regulators and the public and complete impact assessments of such systems.

The bill faced opposition from technology industry groups, but ultimately was signed into law by Polis.

In a letter to the Colorado Legislature, though, Polis acknowledged he has “reservations” while signing the bill and encouraged lawmakers to improve upon it before it goes into effect in 2026.

“This bill is among the first in the country to attempt to regulate the burgeoning artificial intelligence industry on such a scale. I appreciate the sponsors’ interest in preventing discrimination and prioritizing consumer protection as Colorado leads in this space, and I encourage them to significantly improve on this before it takes effect,” Polis wrote.

He added he also will aim to ensure Colorado “remains home to innovative technologies and our consumers area able to fully access important AI-based products.”

Polis signed the bill shortly after Connecticut, another state that was pursuing AI regulation, failed to pass AI bills before adjourning the session earlier this month, The Associated Press reported.

The state action in Colorado also comes as Congress mulls federal AI rules. Congress has yet to pass any bills regulating AI, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) last week released a report with guidelines for AI regulation.

A Senate panel also advanced three election-related AI bills out of committee.

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