Colombian islands in 'crisis' after Iota

Reuters video footage over the weekend captured what's left of Colombia's San Andres Island in the Caribbean - all but razed to the ground after Category 5 Hurricane Iota roared over the island last Monday.

In neighboring Colombian island, Providencia, nearly all the infrastructure on the island of some 6,000 people, near the coast of Central America, was damaged or destroyed by the storm.

Now, locals on both islands, which are dependent on tourism, are begging Colombian President Ivan Duque to step up and help.


"I'm asking the Colombian people and especially the nation's president to support us, and to help people who have lost their businesses so they can rebuild. Because, we need it right now. We're in a crisis. The entire tourism industry is broken in San Andres."

Iota's winds and heavy rains have killed some 40 people across Central America and Colombia, including at least two in Providencia.