Colin Jost Drops A Harsh New Job Title For Trump In Blistering 'Weekend Update' Diss

Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost made a brutal swipe at Donald Trump’s legal woes as he gifted the former president with a wicked new career option.

“Former president and current courtroom sketch model Donald Trump,” said Jost as he spoke next to an artist’s sketch and noted that Trump testified on the witness stand for the first time in over a decade.

“And it’s fun that nobody is 100% sure which trial this sketch is from.”

Jost revealed that the sketch was from Trump’s New York civil business fraud trial. He tossed to a video of two rodents fighting that he jokingly said depicted testimony from Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen, testimony that occurred while the former president was in the courtroom.

Michael Che focused on a portion of Cohen’s testimony where he claimed Trump’s three oldest children — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. — were involved in putting together the former president’s financial statements.

“Ivanka wrote the summaries, Don Jr. put together the numbers and Eric licked the envelopes,” Che quipped.

Che added that Trump, according to Cohen, would look at the total value of his assets and find that he’s not worth $4.5 billion but really “more like” $6 billion.

“‘Four-and-a-half is basically six’ is also what he tells Melania,” Che joked.

You can check out more of the latest edition of “Weekend Update” below.