Colbert Tries to Convert QAnon Followers From Trump to Christianity (Video)

Jennifer Maas
·2-min read

Stephen Colbert did the Lord’s work on Monday’s episode of CBS’ “The Late Show,” when he tried to help QAnon followers who passionately supported former president Donald Trump find a new “savior” to follow.

“The last few weeks have been a tough time for the MAGA crowd, especially believers of something called QAnon: The deranged internet mob preaching that elite Democrats, government officials and celebrities are part of a cannibalistic, child-sex-trafficking cult and the ex-president was the hero destined to stop them,” the late-night host said during his monologue, which was delivered from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City amid a blizzard.

“Oh well. Q people, if you’re still looking for a savior, can I interest you in a much nicer messiah who also hung out with prostitutes, but might actually come back one day?” Colbert said, pointing the QAnon believers toward Jesus Christ, instead of Trump.

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Colbert went on to say that QAnon followers have been a hard time wrapping their heads around events surrounding the inauguration of Trump’s successor, Joe Biden.

“Ever since the dictator slunk of to Mar-a-Gulag-o, Q folks have been struggling to understand Biden’s inauguration, which many believe was actually a deepfake,” he said, adding jokingly: “Yes, it was all staged on a green screen, and in reality, Bernie was just a tennis ball on a stick.”

Watch Colbert’s full monologue above, in which he fires some shots at the anti-vax protestors who tried to stop getting people from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles last week.

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