Colbert Says Obama Has Something Trump Never Will: ‘A Crowd Shouting How Hot He Is – and a Wife Who Agrees’ (Video)

With the amount of time former president Barack Obama has been spending on the midterms campaign trail this week, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but compare the 44th president’s appearance to that of Donald Trump on Monday.

“The midterms are a week from tomorrow, and the race is tightening. So the Democrats have unleashed their secret weapon: Barack Obama,” Colbert began. “He spent the weekend doing rallies for his party, and some ladies in Michigan were into it.”

Colbert then played an MSNBC clip of Obama’s speech from a rally in Michigan, where some women in the audience responded to his admission that he has gone grey in the hair since he first began campaigning for president.

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“I have to admit that sometimes going out on the campaign trail feels a little harder than it’s used to, not just because I’m older and grayer,” Obama said, before being interrupted by chattering women behind him as they expressed aloud how he’s “still fine.” The audience roared.

“I’m not gonna tell Michelle you said that,” Obama added after a brief pause. “Although Michelle does agree.”

That’s where Colbert’s comparison to Trump came in.

“I would like to point out that is two things the 45th president will never have: a crowd shouting how hot he is and a wife who agrees,” the late night host remarked.

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Colbert also mentioned Obama’s commentary on Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, alluding to his connection with various abortion scandals with the photo of Walker displayed during his segment.

“Obama also spoke down in Georgia where he went after Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, seen here in a stadium filled with his secret children,” Colbert joked.

Obama made the case against Walker’s campaign for the Georgia Senate seat.

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“In college, he was amazing – one of the best running backs of all time. But here’s the question: Does that make him the best person to represent you in the U.S. Senate?” Obama posed.

The crowd boo’ed in response.

“By the way, the opposite is true, too. Like, you may have liked me as president, but you would not want me starting at tailback for the Dawgs,” Obama added.

“Respectfully, sir, you’d be terrible at any position, especially quarterback,” Colbert said, following the words with an impression of Obama’s public speech pattern mixed into quarterback play calls, slowing down what should be a rapid process.

Watch Colbert’s full “Late Show” monologue in the video above.

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