Colbert Says Midterms’ Dulled Red Wave Is What Happens When You ‘Wash Your Klan Robes With Your Maga Hat’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert celebrated the absence of the “Red Wave” Republicans had predicted for the 2022 midterm elections with some laundry wordplay.

On Thursday’s show, “The Late Show” host rattled off the latest headlines on the topic, such as “The Red Wave Was More Like a Pink Splash.”

“It was a salmon drizzle, a rosy wash,” Colbert said. “It’s like what happens when you accidentally wash your Klan robes with your MAGA hat.”

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Colbert went on to recap the GOP’s reactions to the lack of a major sweep, including finger-pointing at Trump and some of his high-profile supporters. He read a report that the former president was “furious” at those who advised him to back Dr. Mehmet Oz, who lost to John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania senate race. His wife Melania reportedly described her bid to back him as “not her best decision.”

“Okay, but it’s also not her worst decision,” Colbert quipped.

He also pointed out “The View” co-host and Trump’s former White House director of communications Alyssa Farah Griffin calling Trump “a loser,” adding: “He’s also a fascist pervert.”

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Running down the list of election results and races that are still up for grabs, Colbert poked fun at candidates on both sides of the aisle.

He called Arizona senate candidate Mark Kelly a “grown-up Caillou,” then flashed a photo of Republican opponent Blake Masters “seen here on karaoke night, singing ‘Deutschland Über Alles.'” As for Nevada’s senate race, he joked about the showdown between “woman who will win the staring contest” Catherine Cortez Masto and her “Republican challenger and fully erect forehead” Adam Laxalt.

Watch the full video of Colbert’s monologue above.

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