Colbert Says GOP Leadership Is in Trouble After Midterms: ‘Knives Are Out’ for ‘Clinically Depressed Pudding’ McConnell (Video)

Stephen Colbert took aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Florida Sen. Rick Scott during Monday’s episode of “The Late Show” after Republicans failed to produce an anticipated red wave during the midterm elections.

“Now that Republicans failed to take back the Senate, they’re rolling up their sleeves and coming together to pick a scapegoat and hurl them down an elevator shaft,” Colbert set up. “Right now, knives are out for Senate Minority Leader and clinically depressed pudding Mitch McConnell and Florida Senator and newly discovered cave fish Rick Scott.”

He continued: “Republican candidates are mad at McConnell for not telling voters what the GOP would do if they got control of the Senate, and they’re even madder at Rick Scott for telling voters what they would do if they got control of the Senate.”

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Colbert added that Scott scared off older voters by talking about potential cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

“Rick Scott is not supposed to be scaring older voters. He’s supposed to be scaring Harry Potter and his meddling friends!” he joked.

In addition to Scott and McConnell, Colbert said that one Republican strategist pinned the blame on former President Donald Trump’s “handpicked conspiracy candidates,” with the strategist saying the “MyPillow-ization of the GOP has been a disaster.”

“To which Mike Lindell responded, use promo code ‘GOP-Disaster’ for 20% off your next pillow sham,” Colbert quipped.

While Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, a runoff election in Georgia between Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock is slated for Dec. 6.

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Trump has teased that he could make a 2024 presidential run announcement as soon as Tuesday. However, the Washington Post reported that he has been advised to delay the announcement until after the Georgia runoff.

“And so, he’s going to announce tomorrow,” Colbert said.

The advisers claim that Trump is eager to start attacking other potential GOP hopefuls, with one source telling the Daily Beast that they would expect Trump to “come out swinging.”

“Which sounds scary at first, but remember, when [Trump] comes out swinging, it looks like this,” Colbert said as a video showed Trump dancing at a rally.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue in the video above.

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