Colbert Adds Comedy Sound Effects to Footage of Josh Hawley Evacuating Capitol on Jan. 6: ‘Look at Him Go!’ (Video)

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert went live once again following the conclusion of Thursday’s primetime hearings from the January 6 committee, and no politician was spared.

The funnyman mostly stuck to one-liner style reactions to points made by the committee as the members recounted how former president Donald Trump watched Fox News and ignored calls to speak out to condemn the mob violence escalating at the capitol. Senator Josh Hawley, though, who famously pumped his fist in the air as he entered the capitol on the day the 2020 election was eventually certified, got the comedy sound effects treatment.

Around the 9:19 mark in the video above, Colbert ripped the politico for how quickly he left the capitol after his famous gesture to Trump supporters on the way in.

“Then the committee talked about Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, the man who famously raised a fist in solidarity with the mob before entering congress that day. Turns out, once the mob broke into the building, he wasn’t quite so enthusiastic to stand with them,” Colbert said, before showing the footage of the senator exiting in a rapid fashion.

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He then played the footage again — in slow motion.

“Yeah, pewwww. Look at him go,” Colbert said to laughs. “Jim, can we play that back with the audio turned up?”

At that point, the clip was played again, this time with cartoon-style sound effects.

You can watch Colbert’s full monologue in the video, but here are some of the highlights:

On the committee returning in September for more hearings: “We’re getting a sequel in September and a Fall hearing is perfect because the former president is Pumpkin Spice.”

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After playing footage of Rep. Adam Kinzinger saying Trump chose not to act as the violence escalated, Colbert said: “He chose not to act.’ Same review he got for ‘Home Alone 2.'”

On Trump watching Fox News during the riots: “Nothing unusual there. Just an elderly man, parked in front of Fox News all day, confused about where the president is.”

After playing a clip of a committee member running down a list of what Trump did not do on Jan. 6: “Ooh, let me guess. Eat a salad? Uh, tell Eric he was proud of him? Have a bowel movement without praying for God’s mercy? Ooh, oh, I know. Win the election.”

After playing the clip of Joe Biden calling on Trump to call off the mob on Jan. 6: “Oh my God, who was that vital young man? He’s got pep in his step. He’d make a great president. Somebody nudge Joe Biden awake and tell him we found his successor.”

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