Coke lifts full-year forecasts on sales rise

The sugar high is returning to Cola-Cola’s business as soda fountains flow again at movie theaters, restaurants and stadiums.

Second-quarter results released Wednesday by the world's largest soda company, showed a jump in sales to more than $10 billion.

That was better than expected.

Profits also came in higher than anticipated.

Sales were up across geographic regions. In Coke's biggest market: North America, sales were up 28 percent.... most of the rebound coming from a pick-up in demand at sporting and entertainment venues, as well as bars and restaurants, which are now welcoming back customers as capacity restrictions put in place at the start of the health crisis are eased.

Reopening economies in Europe, Asia and Latin America also helped reverse the sales slump from a year ago.

Things are going so well that Coke raised its full-year sales and profit forecasts, though it did admit that it is seeing demand wane in parts of the world where there's been a resurgence in the health crisis.

Investors raised a glass to the soft drink giant and sent the stock higher in early Wednesday trading.

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