CoinDesk Newsletters Get an Upgrade

Pete Pachal
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Since you’re reading this, you probably know CoinDesk is a website. What you may not know is that it’s increasingly so much more.

On top of providing authoritative journalism on the future of money, CoinDesk also produces industry-defining events, podcasts, price data, research reports and, ever since the launch of CoinDesk TV in February, daily live video broadcasts.

We also publish several industry-leading newsletters. As part of our mission to reach readers wherever they are, we’ve been expanding our newsletter lineup and revamping our existing titles with new formatting. This week, we’re highlighting our lineup of seven newsletters, which bring readers everything from market updates to the big stories of the day.

The new batch

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Mirroring industry trends, our newsletter audience has been growing rapidly. Subscriptions to all of our newsletters aren’t just rising, but accelerating, and the total audience CoinDesk now reaches hundreds of thousands of inboxes worldwide every day. We hear from our readers often in the replies, which has been a great source of ideas and feedback on how to serve you better.

We’ve taken that all into consideration with The Node, the new name for our flagship daily newsletter, Blockchain Bites. The Node aims to be your daily pulse-check for what matters in crypto and beyond: In every issue, you’ll find a digestible summary of the day’s most important news, a thoughtful take on current trends by one of our writers, and to wash it all down, our favorite trending meme or tweet. It’s all part of a balanced information diet.

State of Crypto is a weekly newsletter all about how the crypto and regulatory worlds intersect, authored by Global Macro and Policy Reporter Nikhilesh De every Tuesday. This past week, Nik highlighted the latest government microscope to zero in on crypto transactions connected to domestic terrorism, and what might come out of it.

In Valid Points, Research Analyst Christine Kim and Tech Reporter Will Foxley explore the most important parts of the evolution of Ethereum in the wake of the Eth 2.0 upgrade every Wednesday. The ongoing change has massive potential, and to understand the nuances of it, like this week’s examination of the platform’s “Self-Destruct” function (read it), you need to subscribe.

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Soon, we’ll also launch The Data Mine, where Research Analyst Damanick Dantes serves up daily insights about crypto through charts and data visualizations.

Nothin’ but the hits

If you’re new to CoinDesk, we encourage you to check out our new titles. And if you’re a subscriber to our other newsletters – Money Reimagined, First Mover and Crypto Long & Short – we’re happy to give you more choice of what you want in your inbox, and when to get it.

But there’s more to come. Over the next few weeks, you’ll also spot a brand new coat of paint on our newsletters as we test out new designs.

At a time when the crypto markets are flirting with unprecedented highs and levels of volatility, when regulators are beginning to pay greater attention to digital assets, and when events in other traditional markets are upending long-held assumptions, it’s more important than ever to stay informed without getting overwhelmed.

Newsletters are one of the best tools for doing exactly that, and we’re excited to offer you more ways to make the path easier to the stories you want.

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