Coffee and nagging at Japan's anti-procrastination cafe

STORY: Location: Manuscript Writing Cafe, Tokyo

Writers are flocking to this anti-procrastination cafe

New customers write down their goals

and can ask for progress checks as they work

Some opt for silent pressure from staff frequently standing behind them

[Emiko Sasaki, Writer and lyricist]

“I’m writing a blog post today. My goal is to deliver three blog articles and I’ll do my best to achieve that.”

The cafe's owner, Takuya Kawai, is a writer himself

and hopes the strict rules will help people focus

[Takuya Kawai, Owner, Manuscript Writing Cafe]

“It (the cafe) went viral on social media and people are saying that the rules are scary or that it feels like you're being watched from behind. But actually instead of monitoring (customers), I’m here to support them. I would like everyone to finish their work. Since people can get their job done faster and concentrate more on writing here than in other cafes or at home, they can finish their work early. As a result, what they thought would take a day actually was completed in three hours, or the tasks that usually take three hours were done in one hour at this cafe. This is the kind of experience I want to provide for customers.

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