'Cobra Kai' co-creators want to expand the Miyagi-verse with more spinoffs

 Martin Kove as John Kreese in Cobra Kai.
Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

The Netflix series "Cobra Kai" is already, famously, a spinoff of the original "The Karate Kid" films created by Robert Mark Kamen. But though the martial arts hit is coming to a close with a supersized sixth and final season — which will be released in three parts, starting with the first five episodes on Thursday, July 18 — that doesn't mean the Miyagi-verse is ending anytime soon, not if the "Cobra Kai" creators have their way.

In a recent roundtable interview with ScreenRant,  Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald —
who co-created "The Karate Kid" sequel series with Hayden Schlossberg — discussed the possibility of spin-off shows following the "Cobra Kai" grand finale.

(Though part two will drop on November 28, the final five episodes of the dramedy will come in 2025, but a set premiere date hasn't been announced just yet.)

"What we can say is that we have significant interest in doing more things in this universe. We have multiple ideas of the things that we would like to do," Hurwitz told the outlet. "It's really just sort of taking the time. We've been so busy with this season that we haven't had those meetings with Sony and Netflix, where we're like, 'Okay, here's the overall gameplan of what we would like to do going forward.' ...

"But, we think that by the end of this season 6, people will still have interest in where these characters can go, and that there will be fun to be had in, hopefully, different kinds of ways."

Cobra Kai season 3
Cobra Kai season 3

As for planning ahead with the numerous storylines and characters of "Cobra Kai," Heald told the outlet that the team has "a very deliberate approach to how we steer these characters, how we leave cliffhangers hanging from season to season, from episode to episode."

"We've been very careful and specific about how we are leaving this universe when the credits roll on that final episode," Heald added. "There should be a feeling throughout the fandom of satisfaction, and also, you should be a little hungry for what comes next, what might come next. But it should also work on both levels, if it never came next, that should be satisfying, like the end of The Karate Kid."

"So, we always leave food on the vine, we have a gazillion ideas of where this series and this franchise goes," he continued. "But that's up to the timing and the network studio partners in terms of how heavy and how fast and how soon we lean into all of that. But, there are some things percolating, and then there's about six or seven other ideas that we have to really pour gasoline on it, and that becomes a discussion."

Tom's Guide will keep you posted on all updates surrounding the sixth and final season of "Cobra Kai" — as well as any potential spin-offs — including behind-the-scenes tidbits, casting intel, showrunner insights and more. In the meantime, you can revisit the first five seasons of the martial arts comedy-drama with a Netflix subscription.

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