Coalition Aircraft Bomb Alleged Islamic State Targets in Iraqi Mountains

US-led forces conducted airstrikes on alleged Islamic State (IS) targets in the Hamrin Mountains of northern Iraq on Wednesday, April 29, according to the Combined Joint Task Force against IS (CJFT-OIR).

This footage, taken from on board coalition aircraft, shows a number of strikes said to have taken place in the range on Wednesday, the latest in a series of anti-IS operations in northern Iraq. The coalition previously released footage of similar strikes in Kirkuk Province on April 13. Like the April 29 attacks, the bombings were followed by ground operations conducted by Iraqi authorities.

In a statement, CJFT-OIR said the April 29 strikes targeted IS fighters “hiding in 10 caves across the Hamrin Mountains.”

The statement continued:

“The airstrikes were conducted in coordination with the Government of Iraq. After the strikes, the 14th Iraqi Army Division and security forces found ISIS documents, electronic devices, and fragments of weapons and other equipment. The ground search continues; much of the cave complex is inaccessible, post-strike. Initial estimates are 5-10 Daesh fighters were killed; this number may be revised based on follow-on searches.”

There was no reference to potential civilian casualties. Credit: CJTF-OIR via Storyful