CNN's Wolf Blitzer Says He's 'Fine' After Nearly Vomiting On Air

After a live CNN segment in which he appeared to be on the verge of vomiting, Wolf Blitzer assured fans that he’s “fine” and will return to his broadcasting duties in the near future.

The “Situation Room” host was in the middle of an interview with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) on Thursday night when he became visibly uncomfortable and appeared to be repeatedly choking something back.

Wolf looked on in increasingly panicked silence as Raskin schooled viewers on the intricacies of the day’s momentous Supreme Court news until, suddenly, he disappeared from the split screen and Raskin took over.

Attentive listeners could then hear a sound that resembled quiet retching in the background while CNN abruptly cut to a long commercial break, interrupting Raskin midsentence.

The show eventually returned ― with CNN chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid as the host, telling viewers that “Wolf had to step away” but would “be back.”

In a statement to The Washington Post, the network confirmed what we all suspected: “Wolf wasn’t feeling 100% while anchoring Thursday night.”

Wolf himself said later that he’s on the mend.

“I’m fine! Thanks for the well wishes,” he wrote on social media. “I’ll see you back in the Situation Room soon.”