C'mon KL eaters, help your favourite small eatery stay alive by getting them to join the #jomtapau campaign

Lee Khang Yi
Get your favourite hawker listed on app'etite by The Other Kitchen to take their headaches away for takeaways. – Pictures courtesy from The Other Kitchen

KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 -— Worried that your absolutely-must-eat char kway teow will disappear after the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

Here's your chance to keep your favourite eatery alive, by joining the #JomTapau movement.

#JomTapau is started by online marketplace for F&B events DiineOut and F&B digital marketing agency The Other Kitchen.

It is simple. Get your char kway teow man or favourite nasi lemak stall to join the online ordering system app'etite. Yes, even that fluffy biryani rice shop you cannot live without. 

Once they are signed on, you can order their food easily. They won't have to juggle with WhatsApp orders and can concentrate on just preparing the food.

“Challenging times call for a change in the way things have been done. We know the small makan stalls and local home-grown eateries that are so dependent on day-to-day sales for their livelihoods are struggling,” said DiineOut founder Lionel Lau.

In an earlier article on Malay Mail, The Other Kitchen stated there will be a flat rate of RM2 per order to cover the payment processing fee and a 2 per cent transaction fee for those who sign up for app'etite.

Help them by ordering on app'etite whcih lists various eateries and food suppliers.

As a gesture of goodwill, Lau confirmed, “We’re waiving that 2 per cent transaction fee indefinitely till we are all in a better situation."

DiineOut will also be the temporary homepage for the eateries listed on app'etite, making it easier for others to locate them.

For transactions that meet their criteria, DiineOut customers will be gifted a RM20 voucher. This can be used towards future DiineOut events or products.

Since app'etite kicked off, more eateries have signed up like Rare, The Food Company, Lat Tali Lat Cafe, Yun Bridge Noodles, Ji Le Dim Sum and Xinn Halal Food. The wine supplier La Cave KL has also joined the platform.

“We invite all Malaysians, if you know of any small food business that is struggling and needs help to reach a wider audience in our country that exists on the Internet by joining the world of online ordering, please get them to contact us,” said Lau.

For more information on DiineOut or app’etite by The Other Kitchen, please visit https://diineout.com/ or contact The Other Kitchen Albert Wong at albertwong@occamstudios.com or 016-226 0623, or DiineOut Michell Lee at michell@diineout.com or 011-18568678.