CMCO food delivery: Order from 1978 Cucur Udang in Petaling Jaya for a crunchy, addictive snack

Lee Khang Yi
You won't be able to stop at just one crunchy 'cucur udang', seen here with its chilli sauce. — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

PETALING JAYA, May 27 — I am not a fan of cucur udang or prawn fritters, or wasn't until I tried 1978 Cucur Udang's version.

The marked difference lies in the use of small white prawns in their fritters. It is much easier to eat since the prawns have a softer shell. You also get a slight sweetness from the prawns especially when you add more of them to the fritters.

The eatery is said to have started more than 40 years ago as a home-based business in PJ's Kampung Cempaka. Their logo shows a vendor on a motorcycle, probably going around that area to sell their cucur udang.

Around September last year, they took over a half shoplot at Sea Park where they make and sell their signature snack. It is best to order via WhatsApp even though they are listed on Grab, Foodpanda and Delivereat.

This is essentially Chinese-style prawn fritters. It's totally unlike the Malay version that is tinged yellow from turmeric and has a much softer texture.

You will find that the fritters from 1978 Cucur Udang has a golden, crunchy exterior and a slightly chewy centre.

The option to add more prawns to the fritters is also available.

As you bite into the fritter, you will find chopped yam bean that gives it a nice sweetness and crunchy texture too. There are also chopped Chinese chives.

I sample the cucur udang the minute it arrives, still warm. Eaten that way it is crunchy and delicious; you won't be able to stop eating just one piece. I tried it later when the fritter was at room temperature. Even though it wasn't as crispy, it still was a delicious bite to savour.

What is impressive is their control of the frying temperature as the fritter wasn't very oily. Most places tend to serve fritters that have absorbed the oil, making it a mess to eat. There's also no unpleasant taste of the oil which is a common problem for many places that use the oil many times over.

Your 'cucur udang' is delivered to you in a sturdy brown container.

Pair your crispy cucur udang with their own-made chilli sauce that is mildly spicy. It also has a tangy taste that helps cut through the richness of the fritter.

You can order various sets starting from RM6 for four pieces. The six-piece set for RM9 or RM1.50 per piece is the one I ordered while there is a family set priced at RM22.50 for 15 pieces. There is also the option to combine your cucur udang order with their own drinks like soybean milk or cincau drink.

If you love prawns, just add on more of them by paying RM2 for each fritter. It definitely amps up the flavour of your snack. They also take bulk orders for their fritters.

Take note that the food served here is pork-free and ingredients are sourced from NSK, Tesco and 99 Speedmart.

1978 Cucur Udang, 8, Jalan 21/19A, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya. WhatsApp your order to 019-3133302 and they will arrange delivery at your own cost after online transfer payment is made. Facebook:

Each piece of 'cucur udang' is perfectly fried with a ring of small, white prawns.

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