CM Punk announces he will commentate at WrestleMania and takes a shot at Vince McMahon

CM Punk announces he will commentate at WrestleMania  (AP)
CM Punk announces he will commentate at WrestleMania (AP)

After picking up an injury earlier in the year, CM Punk has made his return to WWE programming.

On Monday (25 March) he appeared on an episode of RAW in a busy segment where he announced he would be commentating at April’s WrestleMania event in Philadelphia. He then also threw shade at Vince McMahon which everyone seems to be doing currently.

Reported by Wrestling Inc, Punk used his short amount of time to great effect and taunted numerous big names in the sport including Roman Reigns and The Rock, who are both fighting at Wrestlemania 40.

Not content to stop there, Punk then poured scorn onto Vince McMahon indirectly once fellow wrestler Drew McIntyre invited Punk to be "in the front row" during his WrestleMania match against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

McIntyre first claimed he was "The Chosen One", to which Punk rebuked and dared McIntyre to speak the name of the "paragon of virtue" who named him that.

While nobody said former CEO McMahon's name, he is well-known as the first person to refer to McIntyre as "The Chosen One".

McMahon, 78, resigned from his role as TKO executive chairman and from his position on the TKO board of directors in January after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of sexual misconduct. TKO is a media company created by the merger of WWE and UFC.

CM Punk will feature at WrestleMania 40 on April 6 and 7 in Philadelphia next month. He is initially set to only commentate but it wouldn’t be particularly surprising if more came of it given how many people he tried to annoy on TV on Monday.