Clumps of Oil-Spill Residue Found on San Diego Beach

Clumps of crude oil residue were found on a San Diego beach on October 19, as cleanup efforts continued after an oil spill along the coast of Orange County, California.

This video, taken by Shawn White, shows oil residue dripping onto the sand along San Diego’s South Mission Beach after about 25,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a broken pipeline off the coast of Huntington Beach, about 90 miles north of San Diego.

Speaking to Storyful, White said that he saw people pick up the clumps washed up on the shoreline and leave the residue on the wall so official cleanup crews could dispose of the waste.

“What I really can’t believe is that this traveled from Huntington Beach all the way down here,” White said. “That’s the craziest part of it,” he added.

According to the San Diego County Emergency Site, crews are continuing to clean up and remove remaining tar balls from public beaches. “Workers removed all booms in Orange and San Diego counties, with the exception of Talbert Marsh. All public beaches in Orange County and San Diego County are open,” officials said on October 18. Credit: Shawn White via Storyful

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