Clubbers stay distant at Germany's first drive-in rave

Cars parked in rows in front of the DJ, limited to two people per vehicle, and hopped around to the beats while respecting government-imposed social distancing measures.

Lasers, glowsticks, confetti and a whole lot of horn honking set the mood for what was anything but your average evening of clubbing.

According to organiser Holger Boesch, who has been running Germany's largest night club Index for almost 32 years, the party mood was perhaps even better than a club night because had been such craving entertainment, although the profits from such an event are nothing compared to what his business is used to.

Germany has the fifth-highest COVID-19 caseload behind the United States, Spain, Italy and France but has kept fatalities down to a relatively low thanks to early and extensive testing as well as putting restrictions, which it has since started to ease, in place.