Clown disinfects Mumbai slum

This clown is disinfecting Mumbai slums

and handing out masks to children

Location: Mumbai, India

(SOUNDBITE) (Hindi) MAN DRESSED AS CLOWN, ASHOK KURMI, SAYING: "I am Ashok Kurmi, I'm self employed with a pharmaceutical company. I've been working since I was 14 years old. Social work is my passion. COVID has been here for two years, and during that time I've done different things for children and adults, to spread information given out by the government. I spread awareness to kids by telling them to wear masks, to keep their hands clean, and maintain social distancing. I try to spread information which can save lives from the coronavirus. I wear different costumes like this one today, I've dressed as a clown. A clown is associated with happiness but we live in such times, now is not the time for happiness, we need to stay healthy and stay safe."