Clouds of Juniper Pollen Float Through Air in Austin

Clouds of sneeze-inducing pollen from Ashe juniper trees – known locally as mountain cedar – filled the air in Austin, Texas, on January 5.

Donald Markus Hogue recorded this drone footage of the dust clouds near the shores of Lake Travis, about 20 miles northwest of Austin.

Hogue told Storyful he did not immediately realize the dust was pollen. “I thought there was a fire until I noticed other cedar trees spreading the pollen,” he said.

Local news outlets reported high levels of pollen in the air on the same date, and expect the pollen count to “remain high for at least the next five days.”

According to the Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin, the trees pollinate between December and March “with the highest levels in the first three weeks of January.” Credit: Donald Markus Hogue via Storyful