Clothesline Hack Is Perfect for Combining Dog-Sitting and Babysitting Duties

A New South Wales mother has devised an inventive way to keep a nine-month-old baby and pet occupied, creating a clever hack with her clothesline.

Adaminaby mother Kathleen Brittany Egan attached her little boy’s Jumper to the rotary clothesline where she had also tied her dog, a Jack Russell named Bella.

In the footage, the two are in perfect tandem, as Bella’s movements create a carousel effect.

“It’s Australian culture to swing off the Hills Hoist as a child,” Egan told Storyful.

“I decided to hang him up on the clothesline because he was getting restless while we were outside. I knew it would keep him entertained,” she added. Credit: Kathleen Brittany Egan via Storyful