'Close Call': Texas Police Run for Their Lives as Second Semi Careers off Interstate

A police officer and two state troopers investigating a semi-truck accident in Belton, Texas, had a close call on Tuesday, May 12, when a second 18-wheeler lost control on the same stretch of interstate and careered toward them, local media reported.

The trucks crossed a median on Interstate 35 and two lanes of frontage road before coming to rest on the side of the road.

According to local station KXXV, the officer and troopers were at the scene working an 18-wheeler crash that occurred at 1.56 pm. The second truck drove off the road at 2.45 pm.

The Belton Police Department said it was grateful no one was seriously hurt in either incident and it urged people to adjust driving speeds to match weather conditions. “Lives are literally at stake,” police added.

In the video, dashboard camera footage shows how the near-miss unfolded. Credit: Belton Police Department via Storyful