Climbers Get Up Close to Siberian Volcano's Active New Cinder Cone

A group of climbers who tackled the Klyuchevskoy volcano in Siberia recently were rewarded for their efforts by the precence of an active new cinder cone, which they recorded spitting ash onto the snowy slopes.

Mountain climber Boris Smirnov and his expedition team embarked on a four-day ascent after reading reports about the formation of the new cinder cone.

“We were the second group to get there, and the first who spent the night. The lava was very hot, it had not cooled down yet, so it was not possible to climb up the cone,” Smirnov told Storyful.

Smirnov’s footage, from March 8, even shows a hot clump of ash being prodded with a trekking pole, reiginiting it.

Klyuchevskoy, at 4,750 meters, is the highest active volcano of Eurasia. Credit: Boris Smirnov via Storyful