ClimateCast: Are we warming to heat pumps?

Heating accounts for a third of carbon emissions in the UK, meaning we will have to cut down on gas in future if the country is to reach the government's target of net zero by 2050.

Its alternative is the heat pump.

But despite installations being on the rise, the UK is far behind its European neighbours when it comes to the number of heat pumps being put in each year.

So why is there a slow take-up? Is it the price, reluctance to change, or do heat pumps have a bad name?

On this week's ClimateCast, Tom Heap finds out the truth about heat pumps.

He debunks some myths, sees one being installed, and meets a customer who recently made the change.

He also speaks to Mike Foster, from the Energy and Utilities Alliance, about why he believes heat pumps aren't the only option - as well as Lord Callanan, minister for energy efficiency and green finance, about the misinformation surrounding heat pumps.

Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse