Climate Protester Interrupts French Open Semi-Final in Paris

A climate activist interrupted a French Open semi-final match in Paris between Casper Ruud and Marin Cilic on Friday, June 3, by running onto the court and tying her neck to the net while wearing a T-shirt that read: “We have 1,028 days left.”

Footage captured from the sidelines by French wheelchair-tennis player Pauline Deroulede shows the demonstrator sitting on the court, attached to the net, as security personnel determine a course of action. After a few minutes, they cut the tie that was attaching her to the net and carry her off the court.

The match then resumed and ended with a win for Ruud over four sets, making him the first Norwegian man to reach a Grand Slam final.

Printed on the hemlines of the protester’s T-shirt was the website address for a French climate-action group – Derniere Renovation. On its website and social media accounts, the group claimed responsibility for the protest, and argued that humankind had 1,028 days left to take decisive action on global climate change and “to determine the future of humanity.”

Derniere Renovation said its countdown began on March 28, 2022 – the final date it had set for the French government to respond to its demand for a major renovation of France’s housing stock by 2040, and the development of a financing system that would shift the costs away from low-income homeowners.

On its website, the group quotes remarks made by Sir David King, former Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, during the National Climate Emergency Summit in Melbourne in 2021. “You have to go very fast. What we do in the next 3 to 4 years, I am convinced, will determine the future of the human species,” King said. Credit: @pauline_deroulede via Storyful

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