Climate change takes shellfish and jobs in Tunisia

STORY: These women in Tunisia have been

collecting shellfish for generations

Location: Gabes, Tunisia

But they've been seeing fewer and fewer

shellfish on their shores in recent years

(Mesbah Zabi, Shellfish Association Head)

"In recent years, we have noticed a decline in shellfish production due to climate change and pollution, which has negatively affected the livelihood of thousands of women who collect shellfish."

The job is physically demanding

And for many of the collectors,

it's their only source of income

(Fatima Bahri, Shellfish Collector)

“We work in collecting shellfish because we don’t have anything else to do. We, women, have nothing other than collecting shellfish to do. It's better for me to do it so I can spend on my children - or else I will have to stay home. Even though it's tiring, I will collect shellfish."