Climate change forces Fijian villages to relocate due to rising water levels.

Serua Island is one of hundreds of coastal villages in the Pacific Islands being forced to relocate a community because of rising sea levels.

Video transcript

- Residents of Fiji are witnessing firsthand the direct effects of climate change, boats now moor next to living rooms, and water breaches the seawall at high tide, flooding the villages. Hundreds of islands across the Pacific are under threat, and residents are now being forced to relocate because of rising sea levels.

- The sea level, before the water doesn't come inside the village. But now, right now, the water comes in, and we are talking about, discussing among ourselves to relocate or get land reclamation done in the island and building a sea wall because of climate change.

- We want to say if the world can work together, the leaders of the world can work together. If the aim is to combat to the impact of climate change. You know, to make a decision.

- Six villages have moved or plan to with government support. Mr. Madanawa is unsure when it will be feasible for his village to relocate due to funding and the hesitation of many village elders to leave their homes, but he knows change has to happen.

- It takes time-- it takes time for an idea to settle in the hearts of us human beings so that we can accept the changes that are coming.

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