Climate activists protest Russian oil, gas imports

STORY: Held outside the German mission to the European Union, a diplomatic building, the protest was part of series of rallies organized across Europe to amplify demands for climate action on Earth Day, when people worldwide celebrate and mobilize in support of protecting the environment.

"We are sorry that it could not be under happier circumstances, but it’s in a form of a protest so that will pressure governments, including the German government, to stop importing Russian oil and gas and to slowly stop the use of fossil fuels,” said Larry Moffett, an activist with Rise For Climate Belgium.

Germany is one of the EU countries opposed to an embargo on Russian oil and gas for fear of damage to their economies.

Since Moscow's February 24 invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a "special operation", the European Union has spent more than 38 billion euros on Russian fossil fuel imports.

The EU's 27 countries have agreed to ban Russian coal imports from August, as part of sweeping sanctions also targeting Russian banks and business tycoons.

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