Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Goya Paintings in Madrid

Activists glued their hands to the frames of two world-famous paintings by Spanish artist Francisco Goya at the Prado Museum in Madrid, on Saturday, November 5, in protest against inaction on global climate change.

Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish activist group that has a history of carrying out non-violent civil disobedience to call for government action on climate change, said its members carried out the protest at the Prado Museum, where two activists glued themselves to the paintings “The Naked Maja” and “The Clothed Maja.”

Video released by Futuro Vegetal shows one person glueing one of their hands to the frame of the paintings while the other writes “+1.5 degrees celsius” on the wall between the two artworks. Both people were seen wearing t-shirts with the Futuro Vegetal logo.

“I am stuck here because last week the UN made it official that it is already impossible to contain global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius, exceeding the limits set in the Paris Agreement and compromising our food security,” said one of the activists, Europa Press reported.

“Despite this, government policies continue to subsidize the industrial agri-food system, one of the main [industries] responsible for the #ClimateCrisis”, the group tweeted.

The Prado Museum said its paintings had not been damaged.

“We reject endangering cultural heritage as a means of protest,” the gallery added.

Europa Press reported that the two activists had been detained by police Credit: Futuro Vegetal via Storyful