Climate activists commend youth at summit, not policymakers

So far, Thunberg and her fellow youth campaigners have struck a skeptical tone, saying much has been promised but little done to tackle global warming in almost three decades since the landmark Earth Summit. They blame governments, policy makers and people in power.

But one thing about the Milan meeting has been positive, the ability of the different youth groups from around the world to come together.

"It was really amazing, first of all connecting with youths from around the world, this is a great initiative being able to bring youths across the world, Africa, America, Pacific, to come together and think about how we can save our planet. So it was really impressive, and us being able to connect together, bond with all our differences, diversity, it was really really lovely," said delegate from Cameroon, Desmond Abinwi Fontoh.

Thousands of young climate activists have converged on Italy’s financial capital with some 400, from about 190 countries, due to engage with policymakers to hammer out proposals for possible solutions.

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