Climate activists from across Europe gather in Glasgow

They spoke different languages but were united in their cause. Climate pilgrims from across Europe gathered in Scotland, marching through the center of Glasgow a day before the COP26 climate summit. They demanded urgent action to save the planet.

A pooch joined the march while artists and activists like Zoe Walker paraded around an inflatable ‘Snake of Capitalism.’

"My mind is open, I think that the things that are happening around the conference (COP26) give me a lot of hope. You know, there is a lot of really good people pulling together on the fringes around the conference have really important discussions and I hope that that can have some impact on what's happening within the actual conference."

The march took on a festive beat.

65-year-old Gerlinde Hoffmann trekked through several countries with her group, the Ecumenical Pilgrimage for Climate Justice.

"We started off in Poland, in Zielona Gora in Poland and then walked straight through Germany, straight through the Netherlands and then went on the ferry to Newcastle and from Newcastle we walked up the Northumberland coast and then we ended up in Scotland and we're here now and we're very happy to be here now."

But will they be happy with the results? G20 leaders gathered in Rome Saturday for a two-day summit before COP26. A draft joint statement seen by Reuters showed they are only likely to slightly toughen previous pledges on climate action while failing to set tough new targets that activists say are vital to prevent environmental catastrophe.

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