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'Saved my hands so much pain': This $14 grocery bag carrier makes schlepping a cinch

Whether you're someone who enjoys grocery shopping or not, it's safe to assume we all dread having to lug those heavy bags on our walk home, or even if it's just from the car to the house. Unless you're willing to pay for a delivery service, it's just one of those necessary evils — but luckily there's a much less painful method. Enter the Click & Carry, a handy little gadget that was featured on Shark Tank. (It scored a deal, and for good reason!) At just $14, this ingenious device helps evenly distribute the weight of your bags and has a comfy grip for stress-free schlepping. Sign us up!

This nifty invention saves you time and aggravation by letting you carry more bags, comfortably. 

$14 at Amazon

Sometimes the simplest products are the most effective, and I'll admit, I totally had a "Why didn't I think of that?!" moment upon discovering the Click & Carry. That said, it's a very smart solution to a very common problem. For starters, it's divided into two sides that act as hooks for your bags to help balance things out — an invaluable assist when you're stocking up at the store. Just stick the shopping bag handles over the hooks, twist the center column to lock everything in and place it over your shoulder. Now your groceries will stay secure without slipping!

You can also hold this gizmo in your hand if you'd like, as its cushioned, ergonomic grip will feel a lot comfier than having a plastic bag handle digging into your skin. And because it makes toting multiple bags around much easier, you won't have to make as many trips to and from your car or up and down your stairs. Even reviewers with arthritis swear by it: "The handle shifts the weight off your fingers and makes the groceries so much easier to carry," wrote one fan. "I have arthritis in my hands. This product allows me to carry more bags in one trip from the car with ease. Ten stars (not five)."

And it's not just for groceries, either. This small yet mighty multitasker holds up to 80 pounds, so you can use it for carrying everything from dry cleaning to paint cans — and for getting a handle on dog leashes. Keep it stashed in your bag or car just in case!

the click & carry being used to hold grocery bags over someone's shoulder and in someone's hand
Wear it over your shoulder, hold it in your hand — either way, lugging grocery bags just got a whole lot easier. (Photo: Amazon)

Over 3,500 Amazon customers think the Click & Carry is worthy of a perfect rating — big shocker!

"Love this bag carrier," wrote a happy reviewer. "This has saved my hands so much pain from carrying all the grocery bags in by hand."

"Carrying multiple bags of groceries is a hard job," shared a satisfied shopper. "But these well-designed and sturdy tools make a huge difference. I can easily carry multiple bags by placing one Click & Carry on each shoulder after fastening my grocery bags to it. I'm 78, and I'm astonished by how easy it is to carry my groceries this way. This is a wonderful product!"

"I love these!" gushed an excited user. "I no longer have to try to carry as many bags as possible to my 6th floor apartment, hoping my fingers don't fall off! And when I get to my apartment, I don't have to set everything down to unlock my door, I just put it on my shoulder. No pain with the cushion! Everyone should own these!"

"No more painful plastic bag marks on my arms anymore!" exclaimed a final fan. "I carried 10 bags at once using it and it was very comfortable and sturdy. I love it!"

Choose from six fun colors or this classic black.

$14 at Amazon

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