Cleveland Zoo Debuts Blended Family of Tiger Cubs

A blended family of three tiger cubs made their public debut at Ohio’s Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on April 14, play-fighting, pawing at grass, and generally being adorable.

“The three cubs are being raised in a unique social group of two endangered subspecies of tigers,” wrote the zoo in a press release. “Amur tiger cubs Luka and Anya were born here in Cleveland, and Malayan tiger cub Indrah joined the pair from Tulsa Zoo after a recommendation from the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program.”

“While the Mayalan tiger and Amur tiger differ as a subspecies, raising the Malayan tiger cub with the two Amur tiger cubs allows for essential behavioral and social welfare after the cubs’ mothers did not display maternal care.”

Video shared by the zoo shows the three tiger cubs exploring their enclosure. Credit: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo via Storyful