Cleaning Just Got a Whole Lot Fancier, Thanks to Diptyque 🧽

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Photo credit: Courtesy Diptyque
Photo credit: Courtesy Diptyque

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There’s no way around it. Keeping your house squeaky clean is, well, a chore—one that typically requires unglamorous trappings like elbow grease, chemicals, and motivation. But if you’re the sort of person who is plagued by sticky fingerprints on that ’70s-era glass cocktail table, or has a mountain of dishes that would intimidate Sir Edmund Hillary, rejoice: Diptyque, the purveyor of luxury home fragrances, has today released a new line of home cleaning products.

With the new collection, dubbed La Droguerie, the Parisian company not only promises to make maintaining a tidy (and good-smelling) home more sustainable, it asserts that doing so can be elevated to—yes—an art. “Washing, cleaning, polishing, degreasing, burnishing, shining, waxing, maintaining, grooming, protecting…suddenly it’s all a joy,” the company noted in a release.

And while we can’t quite promise Snow White–level bliss, La Droguerie’s offerings will certainly make workaday household cleaning more enjoyable. The assortment consists of essentials like a dishwashing liquid, a surface cleaner, and—this being Diptyque, after all—a deodorizing candle, with each one exuding a light-yet-lavish scent.

Photo credit: Courtesy Diptyque
Photo credit: Courtesy Diptyque

While fans of Diptyque will catch whiffs of the brand’s signature aromas (think Baies and Figuier), these new products have been formulated with freshness in mind. The dish soap, for instance, features pleasant notes of orange blossom, while the surface spray (our personal favorite) tempers a squeaky-clean vinegar base with fig, cedar, and lavender. A deodorizing ceramic oval also perfumed with lavender and cedar is perfect for stashing in your closet—or even stashing in your car as a luxe alternative to your tree-shaped air freshener.

With this launch, Diptyque also wanted to make sure customers get a clean they can feel good about—and one that’s good to the earth as well. According to the company, products are made from 99 percent natural ingredients, and the majority feature accreditation from Ecocert, a European sustainability certifier. And with their chic apothecary-inspired containers made from recycled glass, these are items you’ll want to leave out to impress your guests, too.

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