Clay From 'Love Is Blind' Seemingly Has A New Boo — And It's Messy

Clay in Season 6 of
Clay in Season 6 of "Love is Blind." Netflix

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Love can certainly be blind — and Clay Gravesande is living proof. 

Happy Friday, folks! We took a little break, but honey, we needed a moment to process all the pop culture drama that’s been brewing. Let’s dive right into some “Love Is Blind” gossip, shall we? Because if Mama Gravesande had to step in, you know things are getting real. Buckle up, it’s about to get juicy!

Season 6 of the Netflix series wrapped up in March and if you remember, Gravesande left Amber Desiree “AD” Smith at the altar in the finale after promising to “not embarrass her,” according to Smith in an interview with “The Viall Files.” Smith even shared in the interview how she had numerous conversations with Gravesande about calling it quits and not moving forward, to which Gravesande responded by insisting on trying to make it work with the fellow reality star. 

Well, it seems he couldn’t back up his claims and ended up not only embarrassing Smith but now his own mother on social media. 

Months after leaving the show single, the 31-year-old reappeared online this week, debuting what seemed like a new relationship with OnlyFans model Celina Powell. His mother, Margarita, was none too pleased. Seeing her Instagram comments section flooded with reactions, she posted a statement on her Instagram stories, urging her son to “do better” and “surrender to Jesus.” Shortly after, he apologized to her on his own IG story.

You know it’s serious when a Black mother calls on the Lord! This whole situation is a hot mess. It looks like Clay Gravesande is chasing that spotlight, and Powell seems more than happy to bask in the attention. First, she shared a TikTok video mouthing a famous quote from Tiffany “New York” Pollard of how she “wants her eggs cracked” and then seemingly responded to his mother’s message by reciting Tupac lyrics from the song “Hit Em Up,” mouthing “Fuck you and your motherfucking mama.” 

The back-and-forths have seemed endless. In the last day or so, Gravesande posted the “why the fuck you lyin’” meme to his IG stories, with the phrase, “POV: when she say you her man,” implying that they were never in a real relationship. Around the same time, Powell shared an IG pic of AD with the words, “God definitely saved you sis, he’s the problem. White heart emoji.” Gravesande and Powell also don’t follow each other on Instagram.

This whole saga is an absolute NO for me. Leaving a good woman after gaslighting her on national TV only to now be involved with someone known for stirring up drama with celebrities like Offset and Snoop Dogg? That’s not the kind of publicity anyone wants.

Even his former publicist posted a message on Twitter saying that she no longer worked with him as of April 2024.

Gravesande should consider pivoting to something more productive, like becoming a television personality or a model. He ought to listen to his mother and surrender to the Lord because, one thing’s for sure, God doesn’t like ugly, and this situation is definitely heading in that direction.

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