Claudia Winkleman calls King Charles’s coronation ‘Tory Christmas’

Claudia Winkleman has jokingly described the coronation of King Charles III as “Tory Christmas”.

The Strictly Come Dancing presenter is herself the half-sister of Peep Show actor and minor royal Sophie Winkleman.

You can follow The Independent’s live coverage of the coronation here.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday (6 May), Winkleman spoke to comedian Jack Whitehall about their parents’ respective movements during the coronation.

After Whitehall stated that his mother had camped out at The Mall for the procedings, he added that his father had stayed home and would be watching on TV.

“He’s very excited about this as well, because you know the Coronation is like Tory Glastonbury,” Whitehall joked.

“Tory Christmas!” quipped Winkleman.

While the event has been celebrated by many of the country’s monarchists, others have voiced their objections to the lavish ceremony.

A royal fan celebrates the coronation outside the Mall (REUTERS)
A royal fan celebrates the coronation outside the Mall (REUTERS)

Speaking on a podcast a day before the coronation, comedian Russell Brand said that the British public were “bloody stupid” to “put up with” the celebration.

“The whole of censorship is underwritten by the idea that we’re too bloody stupid to understand anything. And perhaps to a degree, we are. Because we’re willing to put up with expensive ceremonies to anoint further royalty,” he said.

“Let’s face it, the death of Queen Elizabeth II meant that this is time for a radical appraisal and review of whether or not we even need a monarchy. And the answer to that is no, we don’t. Because what even is a monarchy?”