How to make classic berries & cream in 5 minutes

This classic berries and cream recipe is an easy 5 minute dessert. There's one word for this fresh strawberry dessert recipe - easy! It is not only light and refreshing but also creamy. This can be made from start to finish in a mason jar saving you time and the hassle of clean up. ↓↓↓ Full Recipe Below ↓↓↓ -3/4 pint fresh berries -2 tsps. white sugar - 2-4 Tbsps. heavy whipping cream - Begin by prepping the berries of your choice. - Combine them into a pint sized jar about 3/4 the way full - Sprinkle with sugar. Cover and shake to coat. - Allow to rest for 3 minutes. - To serve pour or spoon the fruit into a smaller jar or dish. - Cover with chilled cream and enjoy!

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