Civilization VII Announced At Summer Game Fest, Also Coming To Consoles

Screenshot: Firaxis Games
Screenshot: Firaxis Games

After leaking ahead of the show, 2K officially unveiled Civilization VII at Summer Game Fest. We already knew 2K was planning on announcing something big at the show, and thanks to an apparent flub on the publisher’s website earlier today, we knew ahead of time that Civilization VII was likely to show up at the event. A debut trailer premiered at the showcase, giving fans a glimpse into the next iteration of the long-running strategy series.

The cinematic trailer included recreations of different eras of civilization but didn’t include any gameplay. That reveal will come in August. But whatever the game looks like, it will launch on PC and consoles in 2025. Check out the trailer below:

Earlier today, fans noticed that a banner for the next game in the long-running strategy series was showing up early on 2K’s website. The image was quickly taken down, but Reddit still had a screenshot.

The turn-based strategy series debuted in 1991 with Sid Meier’s Civilization and, with its mix of depth and accessibility, has remained immensely successful in the decades since. It’s now been almost eight years since the last Civilization game, though, and while Civilization VI is widely considered pretty good, in reviewing it for Kotaku, Luke Plunkett concluded it was the weakest game in the series. With nearly a decade between them, hopefully Civilization VII has learned the right lessons.

If you’re looking for something else from developer Firaxis to sink your teeth into while you wait, the studio recently put out the severely underappreciated Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Lucky for you, the game is free on the Epic Games Store up until June 13. That’s plenty of time for you to boot up the launcher for the first time in several months and download the game.

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