Civilians killed in Afghan capital rocket attack

A number of civilians have been killed after several rockets hit residential areas of the Afghan capital Kabul in the early hours of Saturday (November 21).

The explosions set off warning sirens from embassies, and the attack comes two days before a major conference for Afghanistan in Geneva.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior said along with the dead, dozens more have been injured in the blasts, with many requiring hospital treatment.

Spokesman Tariq Arian said terrorists mounted 14 rockets in a small truck and set them off. He added that an investigation was ongoing to find out how the vehicle got inside the city.

One of the rockets landed close to the Iranian embassy, but it later said in a statement there were no casualties among its staff.

Taliban insurgents, who've been fighting against a foreign-backed Kabul administration, have denied involvement in the attack.

Earlier this month, the Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the killing of at least 35 students, when gunmen stormed the campus at Kabul University.