City of Gloucester Presents King Charles With 'Pie of Some Magnificence' for Coronation

The Gloucester City Council have presented King Charles III with a traditional lamprey pie ahead of the monarch’s coronation on Saturday, May 6.

Footage released by the Gloucester City Council shows the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Howard Hyman, presenting the pie to Mr Edward Gillespie OBE, His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire.

The three-tiered pie was a joint effort between Cinderhill Farms, the disability nonprofit National Star, and several other local businesses.

The city of Gloucester has traditionally provided the monarch with a pie made with the eel-shaped freshwater fish each year at Christmas, a tradition started in the 12th century, according to local media.

However, in 1836 the tradition stopped due to a shortage of lampreys, and the city now only provides these pies to the monarchy on special occasions, the report added. According to local media, this pie was based on the traditional Gloucester pie, and was made with pork and apple filling, with the endangered eels represented in the pastry decorations.

The coronation pie was presented to the monarch but, rather than adorning the royal dinner table, it was cut into more than 100 pieces that were distributed in the local community.

Cinderhill Farms wrote: “We were honoured to be asked to make it and worked with a number of other Gloucestershire businesses and organisations to produce this pie of some magnificence!” Credit: Gloucester City Council via Storyful

Video transcript


- It has been communicated to me by those in authority that today, the right [? merciful, ?] the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Howard Hyman, shall present a lamprey pie on behalf of Gloucester Civic Trust and worthy friends to His Majesty the King's lord-lieutenant Mr. Edward Gillespie. In a few moments, the aforesaid pie shall be presented on behalf of His Majesty the King, who is an advocate of community inner city inclusion to Gloucester's Feed The Hungry founder, Mr. Hash Norat, and his fantastic team of volunteers.

God preserve and bless his Britannic Majesty, King Charles III. God save the King!

- God save the King!