This city billboard fights air pollution

Think these are just adverts?

They double up as air filters, which hoover up germs and pollutants

Location: London, England

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MATTEO MACCARIO, PLUVO CEO SAYING:“ The idea of Pluvo and our over-arching goal is to help with a really pressing environmental issue and one that’s not often addressed enough which is that of air pollution."

They clean a cubic meter of air per second, or the equivalent of 2,000 human breaths

They're designed for pollution hotspots

and would be paid for by big brand adverts

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MATTEO MACCARIO, PLUVO CEO SAYING:“We’ve designed it to have the maximum impact with the inlet close to where you’d find most exhaust fumes and the generation of particulate from tyre wear, brake wear, etc. We see the impact obviously varying a bit on the environment, so how is the wind that day? What’s the local environment like and what are the air pollution levels? But in the correct location this could have a significant impact in terms of creating a clean air zone.”

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