Circus performer injured after falling from 'wheel of faith' at Blackpool Tower

A circus performer has injured themselves after falling from a "wheel of faith" during a stunt at Blackpool Tower.

The crowd was evacuated after the accident on Saturday.

The acrobat is "recovering well", a spokesperson for Blackpool Tower said.

The performer, who is being treated for a minor wrist injury, had been executing a rehearsed move under planned conditions, the spokesperson said.

An X user, who said they were in the audience, said the man appeared to be "in serious pain".

They wrote: "The guy landed right in front of us and came down with a fair bump. He didn't seem critically ill, but who knows."

All guests watching the performance were asked to leave the venue as a precautionary measure.

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Guests watching on Saturday have been provided with complimentary tickets for a future performance.

Circus performances at Blackpool Tower will open as usual on Sunday.

A review of the act will now take place.