Cicada tacos, anyone?

These sauteed cicadas were 17 years in the making

PADOVANO CARRYING OUT PLATE WITH CICADAS, SAYING TO CUSTOMERS "Alright folks, here we are. These are cicada tacos. So we have the cicada tacos with a little bit of mole verde, avocado, a little bit of radish finish.''

Location: Burke, Virginia

Periodical cicadas burrow into the ground after hatching

While underground, they suck sap from tree roots for nourishment

17 years later they emerge and shed their crunchy skins

"So this guy here is awesome. He's going to make a great taco. One of the great things about these are they're a great source of protein."

This year's cicada class will bore into the ground and won't emerge again until 2038

Cicadas are known by entomologists to be edible

Some say they taste like shrimp

(SOUNDBITE) (English) WILL BECKER, WHO TRIED THE CICADA TACOS, SAYING:"Um, so at first you can definitely feel a bit of the crunch, but you start to chew it, it kind of just like melts in. I wouldn't say it's anything like weirdly texture-wise. I think the avocado and toppings kind of helps."