Chuck Schumer accuses congressman of posting antisemitic message on social media

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie of antisemitism on Tuesday, after Massie posted a popular Drake meme on X that shows the singer shunning “American patriotism,” while smiling at “Zionism,” with the caption “Congress these days.”

In his own post, Schumer said, “Rep. Massie, you’re a sitting Member of Congress. This is antisemitic, disgusting, dangerous, and exactly the type of thing I was talking about in my Senate address. Take this down.”

Massie was the only House Republican to vote against a resolution condemning antisemitism earlier Tuesday.

Massie responded to Schumer, posting on X, “If only you cared half as much about our border as you do my tweets.”

In a floor speech last week, Schumer gave a lengthy address decrying the rise in antisemitism around the world, saying that he felt compelled to speak out as the highest-ranking elected Jewish congressional leader in American history.

“The rise of antisemitism is a crisis, a five-alarm fire that must be extinguished,” he said in those remarks.

CNN’s Kristin Wilson contributed to this report.

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