Christy Chung burst into tears over being cyber bullied

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1 May - Christy Chung couldn't help but burst into tears live on the internet recently, after being subjected to constant cyber bullying.

As reported on Liberty Times, on 27 April, the 51-year-old actress went on her social media account to interact with fans, but halfway through the broadcast, she couldn't help but feel upset over a stream of negative comments coming her way.

"I know that many people laugh at my marriage, at my dressing style, at my figure, but I am also a mother of three children, don't ask too much of me," she expressed.

Christy pleads for the bullying to stop
Christy pleads for the bullying to stop

Christy stated that she is well aware of the big age gap between her and husband Shawn Zhang, 12 years to be exact, and that she tries her best to exercise and beautify herself to keep up.

"So, just don't talk about me anymore. I'm just so tired," she lamented.

Christy added that she would usually ignore the negative comments, but that it was getting hard not to see them.

Christy and Shawn tied the knot in November 2016 after meeting on the reality show, "Perhaps Love". Prior to Shawn, Christy was married twice, first to Glen Ross, and later to music producer Yan Zheng.

Christy married Shawn in 2016
Christy married Shawn in 2016

(Photo Source: LTN, SINA, AWN)

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